This 36 x 48 oil painting on canvas created in 2020. © JORGE SANDERS all rights reserved. 

This painting starts by depicting the hominids being captured and transported to the E.D.I.N. facility. Contained within these capsules, immersed in a bluish liquid gel-like substance in which Enki's assistants are closely observing them. The spaceship equipment includes medical and scientific apparatus that relays information that Enki is closely following. Within this painting lies a panel with the Sumerian cuneiform alphabet translated into the English one. The board gives the audience a way to explain the messages in Sumerian if they are interested in examining this painting further. Among closer examination, one can see anomalies that do not belong within the narrative of the scene.
Within the capsules, one starts to see symbols at the bottom that depict different institutions but are all part of creating this deception. The symbols depicted are the masonic square and compass, the History Channel logo, and the Disney logo. I'm trying to tell you that these organizations are responsible for the ancient alien deception trying to make you believe that aliens created us instead of a God. The inconsistencies start to also manifest in the content of the capsules. Within one capsule is an actual human that becomes a glitch, a mistake that should not be there. I am not going to dismiss the possibility that that could also be me or a memory of me being in that situation. As much as I try to disprove the ancient alien theory, I will also make room for possibilities that transcend logic. Other capsules contain a baby and a dinosaur, which do not form part of the story of the hominids capture. The spaceships porthole depicts flat earth instead of the curved earth in outer space, usually all computer renditions, if not all! The holographic displays do not display information about the hominids but are instead opportunities to express other thoughts about this deception. Let's start by decoding the first capsule to the left of the image where the baby lies. Upon closer examination, you might notice that this baby is no other than Stanley Kubrick's 2001 Space Odyssey in the film sequence that propels astronaut David Bowman into uncharted space.
As he travels through time and space, he experiences all the life cycle from becoming a baby into becoming an older man. The Alien is looking at the baby, and his holographic screen once deciphered reads, "Stanley Knows." What I'm saying is that Stanley Kubrick, the one that is said to be hired by N.A.S.A. to create the fake lunar landings would be even capable of knowing that this is a fake of a story as his lunar landing footage. I'm starting to point into the programming that creates storylines within our history; its design meant to keep you away from discovering the truth. The next holographic message reads, "The earth is Flat. "This has been the hardest element to work on because it took me a long time, and I did not want even to explore this possibility because if I became a flat earther, all the ancient alien theories would go down the drain. In exploring "all." Possibilities and conspiracies, I believe it strikes a chord that most do not even want to entertain. The third message right next to the Dinosaur is "Dino Fraud," which points to the evolutionist deception or the theory that all dinosaurs are nothing more than a composite of different animal bones arranged together by artists to create the storyline of these magnificent extinct creatures. Next, we move to the capsule containing the human, and that one says, "Fake Gods."