49 x 39 Oil on canvas 2020 JORGE SANDERS © all rights reserved 
The Garden of Eden has been represented endlessly throughout the history of Christian art. Within this narrative, artists have expressed only one aspect of this story written within the Bible. Having read Genesis Revisited, End of Days, The  12th Planet, The Wars of Gods and Men and Enki Diaries by Zecharia Sitchin, I learned about the ancient alien theory. These theories state that we were created as a slave species by the Anunnaki, as depicted in the Sumerian tablets. Instead of painting Eden as a heavenly paradise, I wanted to represent "E.D.IN" as a prison/habitat where the captured hominids imprisoned, programmed, and genetically altered. In all the different versions that have been told by ancient cultures about the creation story, they all have one thing in common "Once man started to gain strength and knowledge the God's cast them out! And condemned their very existence". The painting's initial image depicts almighty God sitting in his throne, supervising Adam and Eve's daily activities in the Garden of Eden. It resembles a modern-day assembly line supervisor inspecting the robot's daily performance within his factory.
This painting explores the human condition as told in the Adam and Eve story concerning God as written in the Christian Bible." This painting reflects how we are quarantined and controlled by these apparent yet unseen God-like forces. The piece starts revealing the alien control of humanity, its purpose, and the struggle that humans begin to feel once released on this new planet. Survival, monitoring, surveillance, oppression, false paradise would be some words of describing this piece.  Human hybrids, through the creation of a God, are given the false sense that they have been left as the caretakers of the earth when the real caretakers (The Anunnaki) are only using the hybrids to exploit at their will.
The creation of God and the hybrids of E.D.I.N. was the first piece to represent many ideas and theories in one painting on how we are programmed, and within this painting, you will see multiple schools of thought depicted. At its first level, you have the Anunnaki narrative of the book in which the hominids have been captured and taken to Nibiru's scientific facility led by the chief medical engineer/scientist Enki. Here we have him use technology in the form of holograms showcasing the hominids what they will become once merged with the alien D.N.A. He is also planting the seed or programming them with the biblical creation story of Adam and Eve and the original sin. He represents the biblical serpent that empowered humanity, giving him the fruit from the tree of knowledge. Enki's holding a gold sphere that looks like the biblical apple itself reminds you of a modern-day technological symbol?  This spherical object will be in another painting named" Enki The Anunnaki." The Garden in this painting seems like a lush landscape. If you look closely, one can see an observatory in which the visiting Anunnaki aliens are viewing the captured specimens with curiosity. Inside the observation deck, you could see displays relaying vital information to the visitors. The Hominids relocate to their new "Home" the painting also has lots of levels that I will discuss later.
As we start to look closer at this painting, we have the religious aspect of the piece in which Adam, Eve, and God produced by holographic technology. This painting encapsulates the two opposing religious beliefs expressed in the whole biblical narrative, and then, we have a scientific mind encompassed with Darwin posing as God himself. Darwin represents the masonic indoctrination of evolution theory in which we all came from these hominids or apes. I am exploring these facets of deception and continue to express them in Darwin's holographic projector. Once translated from Cuneiform to English, it say's "Project Blue Beam" N.A.S.A. has created a  holographic technology that will recreate realistically projections of alien invasion, the second coming of Christ that could deceive and scare the masses. 
As we carefully observe God represented by the masonic, Illuminatti, all-seeing eye, we are supposed to question what is behind this agenda. I have transformed the Illuminati symbol and used it with other symbols to express a hidden message which uses the all-seeing eye to convey "Eyes wide Open."  Next to God  a Bee hovering, which symbolically makes you think about the word "Be," and then you have God's upper robe express in its folds the word "Aware" so I am telling you" Eyes wide open be aware." It's my way of letting you know that there is a deception at hand meant to confuse you and fill your mind with fairytales to disassociate you from the truth. Another level to this entire construct is another one that has the flat earth model next to my signature. Depending on where your belief system is, you will be able to see or not see the messages contained within this painting.



    SIZE : 49 X 39.