THE SEEDING OF GAIA acrylic on canvas JORGE SANDERS 2020. © all rights reserved 
This painting depicts the formation of energetic earth in which all these other energies throughout the universe conglomerated. The earth was sending out energetic spores that led all different types of energies to populate this incredible celestial body. In this painting, I expressed how I envision the earth in a purely energetic form. Before the materialization of earth, the process was similar to the way sperms migrate to the egg. This incredible process of conception holds parallels to how these energetic vehicles found their way into this all-inclusive active egg. Initially, these stars or energetic lifeforms populated this favorable environment that energetic Gaia held. Once they settled, they started to see that this environment made it desirable for them to manifest anything. They began to form an active civilization, and this is what I believe was the initial Lemuria. As the civilization started to become noticeable, it produced an electrical signal that expanded throughout the universe and attracted all electrical anomalies. Among them was negative energy that invaded and began to contaminate the energy in this welcoming environment. 

THE SEEDING OF GAIA limited edition of 500