6FT x 9FT ACRYLIC ON CANVAS © 2020 JORGE SANDERS all rights reserved.
Enki stands right in front of you holding the spherical device that he previously displayed in the "Creation of God and the hybrids of EDIN "painting, but this time he activates the holographic device and his hologram show you the trajectory of his home planet Nibiru, or as Zechariah, Sitchin referred to it as "Planet X". In the hologram, Enki's name display's in Sumerian. The sphere has another message that I wrote that goes against the whole image, regardless of whether this is truth or fiction Enki possessed qualities that place him high within the ranks of the Anunnaki society. He was the Chief Medical Scientist and was responsible for creating the hybrid specie. He has always cared for his human hybrid's creations as his own. He taught us agriculture, language, arts, and the necessary building blocks to set up civilization as we know it today. Zecharia Sitchin depicted him in a positive light, but I believe that if this entity exists? It is not as good as we might think. Just stand in front of this painting and feel Enki's energy, and you will feel an ominous presence. Enki's picture is not for the art lover that wants decorative painting hanging above their sofa. His imposing presence and gaze will leave you feeling little and frail. I have to say that with this simple straight forward painting, I stepped it up a notch! I'm quite proud of this alien depiction. I wanted the viewers to feel what the hominids felt once that they were captured and studied by these menacing aliens.   

ENKI THE ANUNNAKI limited edition of 500