E.D.I.N.OUR MOTHER PLANET 12 x 36 acrylic on canvas JORGE SANDERS 2020 © all rights reserved. The hominids are being transported to their new home" E.D.I.N., "an artificial habitat designed by the Anunnaki to house the captured and perform genetic tests to merge alien D.N.A. with the hominids eventually. This painting holds a hidden meaning, as well. The painting seems to be telling a story, but there are inconsistencies. David Rockefeller is supervising the cargo received by Zecharia Sitchin ( an alleged Freemason ) working on the ancient alien theories and delivering it to the domelike structure that represents our collective human brain. Yes! Its a program instilled by the elite to distract us from the truth. Underneath the dome structure, there are "STANDARD" petroleum trucks owned by the Rockefellers guarded by the Knights of Templars. This painting is a perfect example of how each of these paintings is multidimensional and carry various meaning.

E.D.I.N OUR MOTHER PLANET limited edition of 500