Frequently asked questions

Once that I purchase the artwork can I reproduce the images on t-shirts mugs or any other shape or form that I desire ?

All intellectual and copyrighted Artwork cannot be in any way or form reproduced without a written consent from the artist himself. Any other use that is not strictly for your enjoyment is subject to the full measures that the law provides regarding copyright and intellectual property.

When is your book going to be published ?

We at SANDERS FINE ART & PUIBLISHING are working hard to get the book as soon as possible out in the market. The book wiull be available in paperback, hardcover and e-book format for you to enjoy .Good things are worth waiting for! Meanwhile feel free to look at our youtube channel for discussions on different topics covered in the book.

Are there discounts on your artwork ?

Most of this type of art took alot of time and effort to realize the price established by the artist is the asking price and to maintain the integrity of the artist there will be no discount onb all original art work. Limited editions at times may be available at lower price points.

If i do not like how the painting look in my home can i return it ?

Before purchasing the artwork our studio can do a rendering for you utilizing photo material from your home. Once reviewed our clients can let us know if they consider the piece a perfect fit in their home or office environment.

Do you include the lighting equipment along with the artwork ?

we do not provide the lighting equipment with the artwork but we can suggest what would be the best lighting options for the image you have purchased or are considering.

Do you hang the artwork ?

We care not responsible for hanging the artwork at your home or office. Wer recommend local art hangers that are fully insured and bonded. But we do have hanging instructions along with your certificate of authenticity that come included with your piece.