Artists have permitted the elite and the church throughout the centuries to wield their artistic creativity to magnify their importance on the minds of the population, by exploiting artists and preventing them from genuinely ascending in becoming an independent creative leading force. Art should be a true uncensored expression of intelligence that permeates the universe and should not be another artistic flavor in the chapters of the art history books. What the elite don't realize is that ART is not a product! It is a philosophy, a way of life that goes against the grain of any system designed to oppress the human hybrid. ART is back! And this time, there is no stopping us! All of my work truly takes time to execute. I paint in oils and acrylics, both techniques go through a rigorous conceptual process. Enjoy these one of kind paintings and try to take the time to observe the hidden messages and, at times, clues that I instill for those who take the time and are interested in finding out the truth.