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DEPROGRAMMING THE CLONE INTO THE HUMAN HYBRID is about our programmed history through the ages as a slave species. It starts with the hominids having an alien genetic intervention to them developing into an organized civilization. The story then transitions to our current technological transformation as a species. History, as we know, is about to be destroyed, and this book will make us question why we have been kept away from the truth and replaced God's wisdom with false concepts regarding his creations? We live in mental labyrinths constructed by the ones in power that have entrapped our perception and have kept us from discovering our real purpose as a spiritual hybrid. I have been researching years going through the fairytales and had the time to process and reflect on what is going on in this artificial construct called life? This book is my first exploration of ancient mysteries, let's discover our current road ahead to hopefully stir within you the spark of curiosity that will eventually lead you to find your truth versus the programmed one that most of us have acquired. This project covers topics ranging from the esoteric, occult, paranormal, secret societies, aliens, transhumanism, genetics, and spirituality. It includes many personal life experiences that have led me to see the world differently. Today we are being forced to comply with social distancing, and the media is taking over our minds filling them with fear and unquestionable obedience; we need to stand up and break away from this alternate reality! This book initiates the process and takes you on a journey to discover the true self that you have been avoiding and lying to all these years.


takes you in a unique and exhilarating ride through the hidden history of our human hybrid species

Take a journey through time and space to see how we became from beings made up entirely of energetic light to a possible transhumanist cyborg in our near future. 

discover the agenda! so you, and the rest of us don't fall into this archonic nightmare.