I am an artist that explores the complicated world that we all experience. The world's real history has been destroyed, hijacked, and overlaid with deceit, whose purpose is to keep humanity in a perpetual state of ignorance. Very few possess individual thoughts, and most of us have old programs running since early childhood. This mental construct in which we live becomes my "true canvas". Deceit has many layers that give me as a truth seeker many reasons to pick up a new canvas and depict my next visual project. There are layers that we need to remove before we even start getting a clearer picture of what the truth is. Every program's purpose lies in allocating power to various institutions that are the same ones that are keeping everyone in a state of mental bondage. "In each part of this puzzle, I am trying to recover a lost piece of ourselves as the "Spiritual / Human" race that we indeed are!" I am turning the same visual and symbolic codes of programming against the same system that created them! All of my canvases are not merely representations of the program but the "antivirus that proposes to eliminate the socially accepted view of reality". By implementing opposing concepts within the very structure of the painting, I expose the lies and provoke the viewer to start questioning it! Thinking for oneself is a laborious ordeal in an age where everyone has been encouraged to be mentally lazy by a system that is convincing you to believe that all the answers are just a couple of seconds away just by asking Alexa or Siri. All these AI systems are only giving you the information that the programmers are "willing" to share with you but fail to go beyond the technological web created by these power-hungry technocrats.